Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3rd

"Oggy, The Moody Ogre."

         Oggy, the moody ogre, is confronted with giant emotions on a normal stroll thanks to a teensy, playful fairy. Oggy lets his emotions overtake him due to his diagnosis of being an ogre. Will he let external forces like this fairy disrupt his day? Will he listen to the morality that plays in the back of his head? His moody attitude may cause him to make regretful decisions or perhaps he could wash away his worries.


         With a medley of unique live-action shadow puppeteering, a pinch of digital editing, and a creative soundtrack, “Oggy, The Moody Ogre” has come to your screen with so much to offer. The morality voice represents how emotions are to be handled from a medical standpoint. The story derives from the creators experience of being diagnosed with bi-polar 1 and was built off of his trials and tribulations that have personally affected him.


         When dealing with his natural Ogre emotions, gritty Oggy has troubles because of a troublesome fairy that only wants to play. Will Oggy let his internal voice direct his life or will he follow his instictual sporadic behavior? Follow this giant ogre and watch how he hilariously get’s rid of this teensy fairy.



We don't always wear our emotions on our sleeves and that may become a larger problem then when it started. Our feelings can control our days, our behaviors, and there is nothing we can do except turn our backs to a doctor at times. Identity always seems like a dense subject because people change themselves in order to suit their peers standards.


My personal experience with my "suit" is a major component in my life due to the fact I was diagnosed with the bi-polar illness. This piece is about self reflection and how can we come face to face with our true identity. This true identity is almost a realization, with me personally, because it's looking at my behavior and take in consideration with how other people perceive myself.  Medically, it's hard to look at myself objectively but when I do it's actually greases my coping mechanisms.


My true identity a realization, because it's me looking at my behavior and taking in consideration how other people perceive myself.  Objectifying myself reveals my reflection and my true identity. It gives me the ability to put suits over how I truly feel and disguise myself everyday. I believe this theory of "Suits" universally relates to anyone.

"Give me a Head Break"/"Visual Medication"


In my work, I often like to talk about internal factors that play in everyday life. In this piece I focused on stress and wanted to make video projections that are soothing to me. During my process of making any kind of art I find a little bit of therapy in the stress it provides, especially on the final week of this semester.


I chose to work with colors that I find personally therapeutic, like bright blues. I found that I had created a sort of nostalgia for myself while projecting my pieces. One specific projection that involves moving circles, made me reminiscence about my childhood at the skating rink. I explored more of these sensations like lines moving up on different objects to create the illusion that it has higher significance. 


I find meaning in my work that I do not intentionally place and I work off of this meaning to later develop the piece. In these two light shows, I project two animations that have gained personal significance due to the fact they have struck the central core of what I find visually pleasing and therapeutic.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st Progress (After the Break)

For my projection piece I have been thinking about perspective and how things more forward and back in space. With my last piece, I was able to project a face on a ball and make it change facial expressions. My favorite detail was the illusion that it created when dealing with 3 dimensional objects.

 I would really like to replicate this "illusion" by creating planes that animations can move on the Z access from the actual surface and not just the projection. With my idea, I want to start with the surface and then alter the projection in order to fit the standards of the surfaces I have chosen and the actual Z space implied. I've decided that I should probably use matte black presentation boards to sculpt my planes that are going to be projected on.
Here is some brain storming and sketching of my plans.

In my music video, I have almost got the editing to a completed stage and I am really excited to see what is said during critique tomorrow. Here is a draft to show my progression as of now...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19, 2014

Refined Edit:
I thought shooting was going to be the most difficult process but when I approached editing I found that it was even more of a challenge. After the effects and other things Jill taught me last week, I was able to make significant upgrades to my piece. At first, a music video like this seemed impossible for me to be capable to do so. I am really excited about the techniques I have learned that i can use for future motion pictures.

Projection Assignment:
In this future project of projections, I have been doing a lot of writing and conceptual thinking about space and what I could convey. In maya, I made a face that changes expressions to play around with. I would like to project it on a circular surface to give the illusion that the face exists in 3 dimensional space. A main characteristic I would like to involve in my process that many projection artists is the use of grids in order to push forward and back in z-space. I’ve been thinking of different inanimate object that i could make “come to life”. These objects will basically represent the armature of my projection animations.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


For my upcoming project, I did some research on projection art and artists and stumbled upon UP or Urban Projections. I found many interesting videos that correlate with this upcoming piece.  A goal that I was hoping to do was to add life to an inanimate object, almost like the objects that come alive in beauty and the beast.  I thought it would be interesting to sculpt a face and project changing emotions on said face.  I thought about the base, and really there is no need because the delusion of dimension can be conveyed through projections. A good example I found of this..
I think it is mind blowing that you can depict a whole scene and give the illusion of 3 dimensional shapes on a flat surface. It would be a challenge but I would like to make similar work, maybe using a grid to give the effect of object coming forward in space.
The two main objectives I have:

- Make inanimate objects come to life.
-Create three dimensionality on a flat surface with projections.


         This is a personal shot list for my upcoming film. It's probably hard to understand but I will use it as a guide. This guide is divided into the different verses and chorus's instead of numbered shots. I tried to make a limited amount of shots because I mainly want to focus on the editing of transitions, backdrops, etc. One of my goals is to use the vocals from the live performance of the poem in order to stray away from bad lip synching and to create more of an atmosphere. I wanted the direct emotions I display match the words that come out of my mouth because I often see it looking artificial in traditional lip synced videos. I have gathered a large amount of useable footage for this film.    I think the true challenge is making myself really comfortable with the process of using the rotobrush tool and cyphering through what I don't want to keep.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 15.

Putting Oggy to sleep for good this time..


              The central idea of “Oggy The Moody Ogre” revolves around how emotions affect everyday life. I was diagnosed with Bi-polar one during a manic episode so the concept has personal implications to my life. The diagnosis has to deal with the extremes of emotions one will feel. Bi-Polar is often called manic-depressive disorder due to the fact that it is easy to fall into mania or depression at the flip of a hat, which is what the character, Oggy, does. Oggy goes from being docile and transforms through three swings of emotion throughout the work. The fairy in the piece is supposed to represent external forces that effect internal emotions.
             One of my main focuses was the pace of the piece and I successfully created an arc of emotions that might be overwhelming at first for the viewer, but ends in a relaxing state. A goal of mine was to evoke different states of emotions while describing how mood swings can affect a person.


            The central idea of “Oggy The Moody Ogre” revolves around how emotions affect everyday life. I was diagnosed with Bi-polar one during a manic episode so the concept has personal implications to my life. A goal of mine was to evoke different states of emotions while expressing how mood swings can affect a person.

 Elevator Line:

            The central idea of “Oggy The Moody Ogre” revolves around how emotions affect everyday life and the goal was to evoke different states of emotions while expressing how mood swings can affect a person.

                                                                   "The Suit You Wear"
In this piece I simply want to imply that people wear emotional masks or suits, while I also get  express some of my personal struggles dealing with emotions particularly because of my mental illness.

         If I wanted sell an apple pie, I wouldn't just advertise. I would make one slice into samples for the audience so the audience wants more. If I replace this metaphor with my concept, I don't want to give a whole pie or slice away. I would give away samples. The goal is to leave the audience intrigued yearning for my sweet conceptual pie.
         I need to make them curious about the mental illness that I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, so the details of what I’m trying to express do not need to be direct explanations of what I’m trying to get across in this project. I like to have some hidden. (Sarcastically) I leave them for the scholars in the future to interpret.  I want the aesthetics to please and entertain the viewer while the subject matter of the video media correlates just enough to let the viewer gather connections but at the end there are still things that make the viewer perplexed.
         In my poetry I often use metaphors of my own to mask hidden meanings and sometimes to provide multiple meanings instead of direct communication.  In this poem I used many of these metaphors, the most prevalent being the ones in the chorus.

Suits=being the suits we where usually to cover up emotion.
Loot= underlines the cost of mood swings in my life.

I will use some visual metaphors throughout this piece. The main visual representation I have for internal and external emotions are the videos that will be inside the subject (me) and outside the subject. I’ll do transitions inside and outside of the square in my shirt and inside the shadow of my sillohette.

My tone is a little serious and in your face even though the message is mysterious. 
I do not want to stray away from my version of pleasant aesthetics so I will try not to over-complicate things by adding to much subject matter. There are some details that I want to be subtle that one might not notice during the first time of watching it.

A similar form of tone and execution:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I finally finalized my shadow puppet project and I thought I was satisfied before, but now I believe I truly fixed the kinks I wanted to be repaired. The video is the same beside the credit, it's the audio that has changed. It is now mastered and each part of audio that needs to be clarified is fixed.

For my Midterm, I have chosen a song that I created to make a music video. I have already started gathering test footage that I may use in the future for the actual project. I experimented with the rotobrush tool and after effects and it seems like something I can get used to. At first the tool and work was really tedious but now I learned that the hard part comes with rendering...It took FOREVER..
Comment below and tell me what you think of the results.

I am having trouble deciding on a name for this piece. I have asked if "Unexplained Insanity" "Emotional Display" or some others would fit the description.
This is the content of the actual poem.

It’s the chemical reaction in your brain.
It’s the cynical laughing in each memory frame.
We cause with decibel infraction with emotional game.
We land in pheromones like unconditional love.
I get to know you from your bones,
a potion from above.
So pick up a brew, or stick up and screw.
When the lies stay true and the skies stay blue, I’m going to be here to die for you.

-I wear my suits many days to pursue these many way, stare at the suit, like the loot, laced with plenty grays.

-I wear my suits many days to pursue these many way, stare at the suit, like the loot, laced with plenty grays.

A definition that describes your personality.
Premonition lines this mentality.
Redemption guides my reality.
So listen, as I lay out what’s inside of me.
I sent them pay off after I grind a gee.
A destiny carved but written quite simply.
Each syllable goes over a beat internally.
I misarbly speak through this.
A memorable influence.
So you tell me what the truth is.
You tell me where the groove is.
I’ll sell this whole group piss.

A sign of iconomy for all this.
It’s a civil day to be in metropolis.
Make it ripple in a way like alcoholics.
Break the simple until we don’t exist.
Fake the rival until you ball a fist.
Take what’s vital from these gifts..

They where their suits many days to pursue their many ways, stare at the suit, like the loot, its laced with plenty grays.

They where their suits many days to pursue their many ways,  the suit, like the loot,  laced with plenty grays.

So hold back your regrets for these children.
A cold stack of checks. Who sent them?
I’m a bold crack in intellects but I resent them.
Greedy, Need me, Know it all’s.
Leave me to make my three calls.
There is no diversity,
just monstrosity.
I cut the curiosity with this graffiti.
Got a gut feeling that you won’t forget me.
I’m making a motion across the sea.
Feeling out erosion to grow a tree.
Dealing emotion for you and me.
So get a vibe off of my realistic positioning.
Are you alive? Are you really listening?
We get to thrive while you are only witnessing.

We where our suits many days to pursue our many ways. Stare at the loot, like the loot, its laced with plenty greys.
They where their suits many days to pursue their many ways, stare at the suit, like the loot, its laced with plenty grays.
I wear my suits many days to pursue these many way, stare at the suit, like the loot, laced with plenty grays.

I thought of an introduction, similar to how an Alfred Hitchcock movie is presented, actually, in direct reference to Hitchcock. I believe I could have it presented by myself in a different character. I would almost give a synopsis of my work like so:

Introduction: Sean Winfrey Presents:

During a manic stage or psychosis, patients undergo symptoms of paranoia and delusions. Without the proper chemicals, our brains can put us in an unstable mental state. A drug induced psychosis and mental institutes are no fun and come with doctor bills. Most of us do not display our emotions and put “suits’ on to disguise how we are really feeling. So seize the day in your suit and do not lose your grip on reality.